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HMO Developments & Refurbishments

HMO Developments

At LCR services we have a full understanding of HMO requirements. Due to our longstanding experience in this field, we have the ability to create an investment property with potential increases in yield and value. With our approach, we provide modern solutions for our investor clients.

LCR Services Nottingham HMO Development, Nottingham

In addition to this, we can also arrange for all periodic inspections which includes;

  • Periodic electrical certificates
  • Landlords gas safety certificate
  • Emergency lighting test reports
  • Smoke alarm test reports
  • Any other repairs

We have undertaken many HMO developments across the Nottingham area. Known for their demanding timescales we not only have the ability, but the capacity to fulfil most turnarounds required to satisfy any tenancy agreements in place.

Home Refurbishments

Are you thinking of having a new kitchen, bathroom or possibly a larger project like an extension or loft conversion? LCR Services specialise in home refurbishments in and around Nottingham area. We have the skills, expertise and knowledge to enhance and renovate your home at an affordable cost.

Home refurbishments are a fantastic way to enhance your home and also add extra value to your property in the process. Regardless of the type of home refurbishment you are seeking, we treat every project the same. All home refurbishments in Nottingham will all receive the same attention to detail regardless of the size of the project.

LCR Services Nottingham Home Refurbishment, Nottingham

Advantages of home refurbishments

  • Improves your property quicker - Refurbishments may possibly be the best option if you are looking to improve your property quickly, as rebuilding and extending may often be more time-consuming.
  • Adding property value – Refurbishing your property can add significant value.
  • Reduced time to develop – Refurbishments will be much quicker than rebuilding meaning you can enhance the look and feel of your property in less time.

We try and make all home refurbishments as stress free as possible for homeowners and landlords by managing the project from start to finish meaning we are the single point of contact for all trade work undertaken.

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All quotations are fixed prices and 0% deposit. We operate a stage payment scheme meaning you only pay for works completed.